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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Santa Mark takes great pride in having a naturally white, full beard.

Santa’s suit is very warm. Please do not set Santa’s chair in front of a lit fireplace or other hot area. Consider having a fan on in the area where Santa will be seated if at all possible. Try to avoid a ‘back lit’ background area such as a window or plain white wall. (these type of backgrounds are so bright, they often result in darkened faces or shadows) Lighted Christmas trees always make for a nice background.

Santa prefers a sturdy chair without arms or a wide bench/sofa. A straight-backed padded dining chair will work fine.Always leave a bit of room behind the chair for family photos if at all possible. 

Santa Mark accepts payment by PayPal, Venmo, or Personal Check. Please contact us for payment info. 

Your date and time will not be reserved until payment has been confirmed.

Please have a reserved parking spot for Santa. It should be nearby but not in view of the guests. 

Yes. If you have any gifts that you would like Santa to hand out, please let us know beforehand so that Santa can arrive a bit earlier in order to load the gifts in his ‘magic bag’. (make sure if there are labels on gifts, that they are large enough to be read easily and taped securely to the packages)

Yes, there is only one Santa Claus here, and he is the one pictured in all of the Santa photos on this website. Santa Mark is the one that will show up to your party or event.

Yes. For Santa appearances a little farther away there is a $50 travel fee (round trip) for distances up to an hour away.

No. We are NOT a Santa Claus agency. Santa Mark is the sole individual Santa Claus entertainer featured on this website.

No. Wearing a face mask or face shield takes away from the magic of Christmas for Santa photos.

Also, please do not set up plexiglass anywhere near Santa Mark. It could get in the way of photos or cause an accident/possible injury.

Unfortunately, no, because Santa Mark stays so busy and taking care of reindeer can get a bit expensive. 

Yes, but only for personal use. If you are wanting to use the photos for promotional purposes, please disclose beforehand.

Professional Photographers or Businesses who have hired Santa Mark for photo sessions are approved already.

Yes. Santa Mark will arrive dressed for your party or event if needed.

In some special cases, it might be required that Santa Mark arrive incognito, and then get into character after he arrives at event so guests would not see him until the event was ready for him to make his entrance. For this instance, Santa Mark would require prior notice and a secured and proper area to prepare.

Very important question! As soon as I arrive, for all intensive purposes,…I am Santa Claus.

Please do not ask me questions about where I got my costume, if I want an alcoholic beverage or when I started playing Santa..

It’s very important that you treat me as Santa Claus and not as someone that plays Santa Claus. This will help keep the Magic and Spirit of Santa Claus alive for your children and others.

As soon as Santa Mark makes his appearance, that’s when your time starts. You and Santa will coordinate a call when he is ten minutes away from your event. That’s the time for you or someone else to go outside and meet Santa, and get everyone prepared for the visit.

If Santa Mark needs to pass out presents, the person meeting him can help him fill his bag before he makes his entrance to the guests.

Yes, if requested, Santa Mark will read “T’was The Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore. This is typically done at personal house visits, but can be requested for any appearance.

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