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Which Suit Will You Choose?

Let us know which suit you would like Santa Mark to wear when he makes his special appearance, and get ready for a holiday celebration filled with joy and wonder.


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Episode Description

Ho Ho Hall County!! What happens when your creativity to create magic for your family turns into something that you can do to bring magic to others? Maybe you head to Santa school and learn what it takes to suit up and care for others!  With great power comes great responsibility, and Santa Mark takes his job as Santa seriously, year-round, with the responsibility of making that list and checking it twice as this is not a one-night job, but a year-round responsibility. Listen to what it takes for Santa Mark to bring the magic to your home, family gathering, community event, or other events where the spirit of Christmas can be present. 

Back To School (Santa School)


Why Santa School?

Continuing education is what industry leaders and professionals do. Being Santa is a very big responsibility. For centuries, society has relied on Santa to create the magic of Christmas. To accept this responsibility you must be committed to being the best Santa you can be. And what better way to elevate your performance, sharpen your abilities, and stay current in the industry than through learning from seasoned instructors and sharing information, and networking with your fellow Christmas performers.

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